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VW Golf Mk2 Gti 8v
VW Golf Mk2 Gti 8v
Fresh BBS Alloys
VW Golf Mk2 Gti 8v - Interior


Explore the extensive restoration journey of this 1989 VW, meticulously transformed into the captivating example showcased in the images. The restoration aimed for a nearly factory-standard appearance, with subtle enhancements to distinguish it from the ordinary.

| Paintwork | The first step involved a complete repaint in the original VW Tornado Red, coupled with meticulous matte and gloss paintwork to restore the plastics and grills. The BBS alloys also underwent a thorough repaint, contributing to the car's overall aesthetic appeal.

| Upholstery | Various sections of the upholstery, including the common wear area of the driver's seat bolster, underwent precise retrimming. This attention to detail revitalized the interior, ensuring a fresh and refined look in line with the car's original charm.

| Auto Electronics | To elevate the driving experience, an Alpine head unit and strategically placed speakers were integrated throughout the car, enhancing the original sound system. The auto electronics upgrade aimed at delivering a premium audio experience in this restored classic.

| Engine & Gearbox | Under the hood, the 1.8-liter engine underwent a meticulous overhaul. The process included stripping and rebuilding, incorporating honing, new pistons, rings, and an oil pump. The gearbox also received attention, with a comprehensive reconditioning that encompassed gearbox linkages and selectors.

The result is a meticulously restored 1989 VW that pays homage to its factory roots while incorporating thoughtful enhancements. For more information on this restoration project or any other featured builds, feel free to contact us.

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