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Volkswagen Golf Mk5
Volkswagen Golf Mk5
Volkswagen Golf Mk5 rear arch
Volkswagen Golf Mk5 wheel arch

Volkswagen Golf | MK5 | 2008


Encounter the remarkable transformation of this Golf, which arrived at our workshop in a rather distressed state, with a tight deadline looming. The owner had faced disappointment at another body shop, where the requested rear extended arches welding had not been executed to their satisfaction. Thankfully, they reached out to Avalanche, and we came to their rescue at the perfect moment.

With just nine days until the car was booked to feature at the 100% Tuning car show in Rotterdam, our team undertook the challenge with dedication. The customer had started to lose interest and affection for their vehicle, but we were determined to reignite their passion.

Our mission involved meticulous panel beating and reshaping of the new rear extended arches, fitting a replacement rear R32 bumper, and concluding with a complete exterior respray in the original Candy White. This comprehensive process also included color coding of all plastic trim, ensuring a seamless and polished finish.

In the end, the customer was not just satisfied but truly "over the moon," as we successfully restored their car to its full glory, rekindling their enthusiasm to proudly showcase it with their head held high.

For more details on this remarkable turnaround or to explore other showcased projects, please feel free to reach out to us. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority!



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