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Volkswagen Golf Mk5
Volkswagen Golf Mk5
Volkswagen Golf Mk5 rear arch
Volkswagen Golf Mk5 wheel arch

Volkswagen Golf MK5 2008


We recieved this Golf in a rather sorry state and with very little time to rectify it. Our customer had unfortunately had a bad experience with another bodyshop where they had asked for rear extended arches welding into place. Luckily for them they got in touch with Avalanche and we came to the rescue at just the right time. We were given 9 days to get this car done intime as it was booked on a ferry to 100% Tuning car show in Rotterdam for that date. We really felt for the customer as they had started to loose all interest & love in their vehicle and needless to say alot of hours later we achieved our goal.


Our job was to panel beat and reshape the new rear extended arches, fit a replacement rear R32 bumper and then respray the complete exterior in the original Candy White, including colour coding of all plastic trim.  


Its safe to say our customer was 'over the moon' and we reignited their passion to show their car with their held high!



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