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PORSCHE | 356 B | 1961 | RHD

Porsche 356 B 1961
Porsche 356 B 1961
Porsche 356 B 1961
Porsche 356 B 1961 Post-Topcoat
Porsche 356 B 1961 - Mid-Topcoat
Porsche 356 B 1961 - Pre-topcoat
Porsche 356 B 1961 - Post-priming
Porsche 356 B 1961- Pre+Post Priming
Porsche 356 B 1961 - QTR Repair
Porsche 356 B 1961 - Previous Rust
Porsche 356 B 1961

Porsche 356B 1961


This Porsche 1961 356B came in for a complete colour change along with extensive panel work.

Unfortunately this beautiful car had had various parts welded and filled to a variety of standards. After many years it got to the point where it needed putting right once and for all.


To correctly go about this repair to the standard it deserved we sourced replacement panels from Porsche aftersales specialists including fitting and welding new sills, door striker and B-post/QTR panels. 

The next stage was then to put the car back to White which it was originally back in 1961. However, the customer requested a modern take on it so we used the new Porsche 911 White!


This Porsche really did turn out stunning. The shinning chrome alongside the fresh clean white combined perfectly. There will me more pictures to follow but here are a few quick snaps of the finished product on the day of collection.


Needless to say the customer was blown away!



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