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PORSCHE | 356 B | 1961 | RHD

Porsche 356 B 1961
Porsche 356 B 1961
Porsche 356 B 1961
Porsche 356 B 1961 Post-Topcoat
Porsche 356 B 1961 - Mid-Topcoat
Porsche 356 B 1961 - Pre-topcoat
Porsche 356 B 1961 - Post-priming
Porsche 356 B 1961- Pre+Post Priming
Porsche 356 B 1961 - QTR Repair
Porsche 356 B 1961 - Previous Rust
Porsche 356 B 1961

Porsche 356B 1961


Embark on the journey of our meticulous restoration of the 1961 Porsche 356B, culminating in a complete color change and extensive panel work. Despite its initial beauty, this vintage gem had undergone various subpar welding and filling over the years, reaching a point where comprehensive rectification was essential.

To uphold the standard this classic Porsche deserved, we meticulously sourced replacement panels from Porsche aftersales specialists. The process included fitting and welding new sills, a door striker, and B-post/QTR panels, ensuring a thorough and precise restoration.

Returning the car to its original 1961 White was the next step, albeit with a modern twist. Responding to the customer's request, we opted for the new Porsche 911 White, infusing a contemporary touch into the classic palette.

The result is truly breathtaking—shimmering chrome accents harmonizing with the fresh, clean white exterior. While more detailed images will follow, enjoy a glimpse of the finished product on the day of collection. Needless to say, the customer was left utterly impressed, as this Porsche 356B emerged transformed and stunning.

For further details on this restoration or to explore other showcased projects, stay tuned for more images, and don't hesitate to reach out to us. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal!


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