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Welcome to Avalanche Automotive, where individuality meets automotive excellence. Our commitment is to provide you with a personalised platform to enhance your vehicle in every way.


"There's not an area of customising we can't cover."


Whether it's a subtle colour change for your grill or a complete custom paint respray in any shade imaginable, we excel in modifications both big and small. Utilising top-tier products such as Lechler, Glasurit, Novol, Devilbiss, 3M, and Snap-on, we ensure quality craftsmanship.


At Avalanche, our team of specialists is equipped to handle all aspects of vehicle customisation—from automotive paint spraying and upholstery to panel beating, bodywork, engine restoration, tuning, and auto electronics. We are deeply connected within the industry, making your automotive dreams a reality.


But that's not all—we're not just about customisation. We also offer day-to-day vehicle maintenance, delivering service and repair work up to dealership standards. Our team is fully qualified by City & Guilds and IMI, ensuring the utmost care for your vehicle.


Visit us at our newly equipped facility in Bolton Abbey, North Yorkshire, and experience the Avalanche Automotive difference.

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