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Porsche 912
Porsche 912 - Post Priming
Porsche 912 Post Priming
Porsche 912 - Mid- Prep
Porsche 912 - Mid-Prep
Porsche 912 - Mid-Prep
Porsche 912 Mid-Strip Down



Here you can see the restoration project we took on which was a complete repaint in the original Porsche Aga Blau on this lovely American import Porsche 912. The images show some of the processes of the bodywork undertaken. The Porsche itself wasn't in a particularly bad condition for its age but in its life had had many previous repairs where the colour matching hadn't stood the test of time. 

Therefore after discussions with the owner we came to the joint decision that to bring it up to the specifications they desired we would firstly repair any dents and correct previous work. Then we high build primed the entire body which would then seal the panels and ensure the correct platform for the colour coat.


And here is the finished product... 

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