Land Rover Defender 40th V8
Porsche 912
Land Rover Defender 90
Land Rover Defender 90
Porsche 912
Porsche 912

Land Rover Defender 90 1989


Our first stop is this Defender 90 aka. 'Project Shadow'. At some point in its life this defender has undergone a badly applied repaint using a brush! So the first port of call is a complete repaint to give its shine back in a nice fresh and glossy solid black. The next step is then to "Avalanche it" with various accessories and LEDs that will be finished with our own custom paint to make it stand out from the crowd. Remember; we dont just buy and bolt on we do all our bespoke work in house!

Then as we move onto the interior, we will be following a black & tan theme throughout including carpets, dashboards and seats. Need we say more! Stay tuned...


Porsche 912 1968-69


Alongside the Defender we will have this Porsche 912 going through extensive restoration. The Porsche is coming to us as an unfinished project imported from California and became a 'barn find'. We are currently working alongside the client to decide which direction to take the car in, with the possibility of it coming out like the metallic orange one ,pictured above. However the car is armed with Deep dish Fuch alloys that seem to be screaming for the car to be customised?!...We'll keep you posted!


Stay tuned over the next few weeks for more pics and info throughout the site.



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