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Land Rover Defender 90
Defender 90
Defender 90
Defender 90 Pre-Paintwork/Upgrade
Defender 90 Pre-Paintwork/Upgrade
Defender 90 Roof
Defender Roof Burnt Orange Pearl
Defender Interior Old Vs. New
Defender 90 interior
Defender 90 A-pillar/post repair
Defender Primer Stage



Witness the remarkable transformation of this once tired and aged Defender, originally a 1989 2.5 Non-Turbo Diesel 90 SWB, now revitalized with a powerful 300tdi engine upgrade. The extensive refurbishment reflects the owner's continuous pursuit of enhancements, resulting in a Defender that is barely recognizable from its original state.


Initiating the overhaul, the Defender underwent a comprehensive restoration process, starting with a full gloss black re-spray. However, addressing serious corrosion on the driver's A-pillar took precedence. Images document the removal of the old pillar and the precise welding of the new one, emphasizing our commitment to eradicating corrosion rather than merely concealing it. A chequer plate was strategically added before the repaint for seamless color coding.


Noteworthy upgrades include a new grill and front DRL bumper, along with LED exterior lighting at both ends. The customer's evolving vision led to additional enhancements like new doors and a Burnt Pearl Orange roof, providing a captivating interior accent. Completing the exterior overhaul are alloy wheel upgrades, wheel spacers, and high-performance All-Terrain tires.

Turning attention to the interior, the customer selected a tan vinyl finish from a range of swatches. The transformation is evident in the pictures, showcasing the striking contrast between the old, worn interior and the bespoke 'one-off' tan interior. The original Land Rover seats were meticulously stripped, re-padded, and re-trimmed, extending the new finish to the roof lining, dashboard, and door cards. To achieve a polished look, a complete 90 carpet set was installed, encompassing the front and rear areas, including carpeted interior van side panels.


For further details on this exceptional build or any others featured, we invite you to reach out to us via email.

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